Septemberdrive – Access control

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Just nu har vi ett drive på tre intressanta produkter från Dahua Technology Nordic för dig som vill säkra dina dörrar med modern och pålitlig accesskontroll. Skapa och administrera digitala behörigheter till utvalda besökare och integrera lätt med befintlig larm- samt videoövervakning.

Produkt 1: Dahua ASC2202B-S Access Controller

– Support TCP/IP communication
– Two dual communication protocols: RS-485 and Wiegand (W26 and W34)
– Holds 100,000 users and stores 500,000 card-swiping records
– Support interlock, group combination, anti-passback, remote unlock, and more
– Support card reader tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door sensor timeout alarm, duress alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, and incorrect password alarm
– Built-in RTC, support manual time synchronization and auto time synchronization
– Support power-off memory protection and online upgrade
– Support watchdog (a device that protects a system from software or hardware failures)
– Support PoE power supply

Produkt 2: ASR2201A / ASR2201A-D Access Reader

– PC material, tempered glass panel and IP66, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– Support contacless recognition of IC card (Mifare card)
– Support card unlock
– Support RS485 and Wiegand communication
– Support buzzer and indicator prompt
– Support anti-tampering alarm
– The built-in watchdog can detect and control the abnormal operation status of the equipment and perform recovery processing to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment
– All connection ports have overcurrent and overvoltage protection

Produkt 3: Dahua ASF280A/B – Single/Double Door Magnetic Lock

(A) 280KG Anti-pull / (B) 280KG x2 Anti-pull
– Built-in reverse current protection device(MOV)
– Aluminum shell with high strength alloy material
– Electromagnetic suction work completely, there is no mechanical failure
– Can be set DC12V or DC24V
– The residual magnetic design proof, wear materials
– Single/Double lock body insulation treatment